Furnace Repair Service

You turned on your furnace today and surprise! It’s not working. You’re actually surprised because you just used it last night. What could have gone wrong? Most furnaces come with a 10 to 20-year warranty but sometimes, these products get faulty as a result of our actions or neglect. In other cases, we don’t play any roles in the fault.

Furnaces cost quite a lot especially when you’re going for quality so purchasing a new one each time the old goes faulty may not be a wise move. This is why companies offer furnace repost services. The repairs are done by HVAC contractors who are not only there to fix but to advise you on which choice is more economical; repairing the old one or changing it. If your furnace has gone through so many repairs, you should consider changing it but first, get the HVAC contractor to advise you on which model to go for.

Just so you know, these faults are not always “faults”. In some cases, they might be minor issues that you could resolve yourself. So, if your furnace just stops working and you need it running immediately, try:

  • Checking the thermostat to ensure that the switch is on “heat”.
  • Looking at the position of the furnace switch. Is it off or on? (All furnaces have one).
  • Checking the circuit breaker.
  • Changing the furnace filter.

If you’ve checked all of these and still can’t figure out what the problem is, then call an HVAC contractor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are HVAC contractors not for air conditioners only?

No. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Furnaces fall under the “Heating”.

  • Which thermostat is most suitable for my furnace?

Thermostats are simple switches that regulate temperature. The choice of thermostat would depend on the type of furnace you Use; gas, oil or electric. There are brands renowned for selling varieties of quality thermostats. They include Lowes, Nest, and Honeywell. You could decide to go for a programmable or non-programmable one. Consult with your HVAC contractor before getting one.

  • Can a really old furnace be repaired after several repairs?

Of course! But depending on what the recent fault is, you may consider changing it to save you many more repairs.

  • How do I know that I need to change my furnace?

So your furnace may still be giving out warmth which is what it was made for and still need repair. If you notice any strange smell, recurring noise, faulty detector or so much dust coming out with the air, then your furnace needs a repair.

  • How much does a furnace repair cost?

Furnace repairs cost as low as $50 to as much as $500 depending on the fault and the contractor you hire. SW AC contractors are a good choice if you’re looking for quality and affordability.

  • Can dirt stop my furnace from working properly?

Definitely. This is why the furnace has a filter but even this filter can get clogged. You could change the filter yourself—at least once a month—but it is also necessary to get an HVAC contractor to service the furnace at least, once every year.

If you think your furnace is in need of repair, servicing or a change, then call an HVAC contractor. However, there are factors you should consider before hiring one and we’ve outlined them in an earlier article. If you stay in Katy, Texas, you’re lucky. Simply place an order with SW AC Repair.

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