Appliance Repair Service

In every home, there are basic appliances found irrespective of the status of the occupants. These include refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, stoves and for those who see it as a necessity and can afford it, dishwashers and dryers. These appliances could be “inherited” because of the long-term warranty they have or bought as new when moving into the home.

All of these appliances make living easier and more comfortable until they get faulty. Worse is when they get faulty at a time when they are needed the most like the AC getting damaged in summer or the heater in winter. It can be almost unbearable thereby requiring immediate repairs.

These faults are a result of a number of factors of which some are controllable. As a company that offers appliance repair services, we earn from these unfortunate events but it is also our job to prevent them from happening so here are tips on how to maintain your appliances.

  • For appliances with filters like the refrigerators and air conditioners, do well to clean them at least, once a month. For heaters, you may have to change the filters.
  • Use a hand blower or vacuum cleaner to clean out the coils in your refrigerator.
  • Avoid spilling water on these appliances. Almost all, if not all, are powered by electricity which makes them susceptible to water. If you can, place them on slightly elevated surfaces like a rubber stand so in case there’s a water spill, your appliances would be safe.
  • Switch off any appliance, not in use. A power surge could blow up the wires and plugs.
  • Clean oven and stovetops after EACH use. Grease can clog holes and water could cause problems like short-circuiting.
  • Stop slamming the doors! Every appliance with a door or lid should be closed gently and not slammed.
  • Periodically sanitize your refrigerator. Remove everything in it and dispose of anyone that is spoilt or rotten. Clean out the refrigerator including the gaskets, shelves, and doors before replacing the items.
  • Do not overload your washer or dryer. It is better to spend more time getting your stuff clean batch by batch than spending a lot of money fixing what you damaged.

These tips may sound more like cleaning tips than maintenance tips but it is this habit of cleaning that saves the appliances. Accumulation of dirt or grease could cause bigger problems that youmay not be able to fix.

To be honest, doing all of these still doesn’t guarantee an eternal life span for these appliances. Life happens and it could just happen to your appliances too. So, when it happens, whom should you call? Us! Now we don’t mean to brag but here are five reasons we are your go-to repair guys:

  • We have a record of several years of delivering quality service so we won’t be learning on your appliances. Our work speaks for us.
  • You don’t have to bother about yours or our safety when you call us. We’re fully insured and licensed so you’re not paying a dollar more than your repair cost.
  • We are always available. 24 hours, 7 days a week. So, if your appliance decides to surprise you at night, you can surprise it right back by calling us.
  • All our services are affordable. We cannot overemphasize this. Just give us a call and you’d have firsthand experience.
  • We trust our skills so well that we offer an after repair maintenance option. If after a repair, you notice something wrong with your cooling unit, you could call us back and we would get it checked out again. But that may not even happen because we’d do a great first job.

There you go. Five reasons out of the several other reasons why you should have a contractor from SW AC Repair to come fix your stuff.

We are located in Katy, Texas so it’s easier if you’re in/around Katy.

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